The management of business embraces the following sections.

Maintenance management

Planned maintenance schedules are developed and staff trained in their implementation thus optimising the efficiency of your plant.

Plant management

Effective management of plant minimises unscheduled down-time and equipment failure enabling production targets to be more easily met. Training in the implementation of S.M.E.D. techniques can be provided. We will provide you with customised management schedules.

Bespoke company project management

Restructuring of organisational hierarchies, management structures, lines of communication together with the rationalisation of plant infrastructures are undertaken to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Identification of promotion criteria

We have much experience in the development of transparently recognised and understood frameworks used to identify the criteria that are required to gain promotion within an organisation.

Identification of training needs

This involves the profiling of your skills base and skills requirements for the identification of skills shortfalls. The specific training needs of your organisation are identified, enabling training to focus on your needs.

Personnel profiling

Arguably the most important aspect of asset management is access to an accurate database of the skills, qualifications and attributes possessed by your employees. Our profiling has enabled clients to exploit more fully the potential of their most valuable asset.

Benchmarking of academic & vocational qualifications using the European Qualifications Framework (EQF)

We are experienced in the mapping of employees’ qualifications wherever they are awarded on to the benchmark qualification of the employer using the EQF or other suitable tools. Use of Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) minimises duplication of effort, cost and time taken to gain the benchmark qualification.


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