The management of change embraces the following sections.

Overcoming resistance and gaining acceptance

Change is often resisted because it is perceived as being threatening. To overcome resistance to change the process must be proactive and the change must be managed. All those involved in change must be involved in its management so that the impact is not seen as threatening. Programmes of change management can be designed which will minimise resistance to change by incorporating all parties into the management of change. Gaining acceptance of change leads ton from change being effectively and proactively managed. Acceptance through involvement minimises change induced anxiety, resistance and hostility enabling you to move ahead quickly, evolving within your dynamic trading environment.

Proactive change management techniques

This is possibly the most difficult concept for managers and those that manage to understand. The successful proactive management of change within an organisation is essential for the maintenance of the health of the organisation. Our expertise will help you develop strategies which will enable you to manage change successfully.

Group dynamics and team building

We have considerable experience in this challenging area and bring to bear the expertise of ethnographers in order to identify the sub-cultural agendas of the informal groupings within the organisation, thus enabling the energies of such groups to be channelled into addressing organisational goals.

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