The management of education within an organization embraces the following sections.

Self-Assessment Procedures

Self-assessment, as defined by the Higher Education Funding Councils within the U.K., can be a daunting task for those who have never previously undertaken it. Our expertise in this field will ensure that you meet the requirements of the funding council whilst enabling you to have ownership of the Self Evaluation Documentation.

Quality Systems

We will install quality systems that will enable you to achieve consistency in the quality of the products or services which you provide.

Internal Verification

Internal verification may be carried out to ensure that in-house quality procedures are being complied with. Organisations wishing to implement the use of NVQs as benchmarking vehicles will need Internal Verifiers who are working toward D34 status. We support organisations wishing to adopt the NVQ and offer I.V. support and support in portfolio building.

Quality Audit

We undertake audits using national and/or international benchmarks to help you ensure fitness for purpose of your operation.

Curriculum Development

We identify the educational requirements of your organisation and are able to facilitate curricula to meet your employees’ needs, leading to recognised vocational or academic qualifications.

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